what does my first visit or New patient exam include?

Your new patient exam is a 40-60 minute consult with one of our doctors. We will review your current complaint(s) or areas of pain, discuss your current medical history, past medical history, work habits, sleep position & exercise regimen. We then take each patient through basic range of motion, takes a blood pressure reading and may perform orthopedic tests and neurological testing as needed. Following palpation of the body and spine, we will review with you a list of possible diagnoses or cause of your pain and treat you with an adjustment and modalities as needed.

Our doctors will follow up your treatment with exercise & stretching, ice and/or heat instruction for home and a suggestion as to the number of visits you may need and when to return. The number of visits & date of return is left up to YOU, the patient, our suggestions are based on clinical diagnosis.

Do I have to have x-rays at my first visit?

We do not x-ray every new patient. Based on your exam and date of last spinal x-ray you may or may not be referred for x-ray, but it is not standard for each patient. Films may be suggested when there is concern for degenerative change, fracture, growth formation, scoliosis or if a condition is not improving in the time expected. We often refer our patients to Health Images or suggest a follow up with your primary care for a referral.

Do I have to sign up for ongoing treatment or pay a sum at the first visit?

Absolutely not! At our office, payment is taken when a service was performed. Meaning we do not sign you up for 'X' number of visits at 'X' price. Your visit frequency will be recommended based on YOUR health, your improvement and the outcome you seek. We do not expect that each patient will be the same and require the same number of visits or frequency.

Do you take insurance? Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for my visits?

We are an 'Out-of-Network' provider for most major medical insurance, meaning we do not bill through our office to your insurance. Beginning in 2016, we found many of our patient members co-pays were equal to or higher than our standard office rate while our reimbursements continued to decrease. In order to maintain a high standard of care, we chose to withdraw from participation. We provide each of our patients with a receipt that may be used toward or with an HSA or FSA account. If our patients choose, we also provide a Superbill which can be turned into your network insurance for reimbursement under your Out-of-Network benefits.

We ARE a participating Medicare provider and will bill for these patients. We also accept MedPay and will bill auto-insurance for Automobile or Motor Vehicle Accident cases.

Why should I visit your office instead of others?

It is and will always be our goal to provide our patients with the highest standard of care. We want you to enjoy every aspect of your visit! Our front desk staff is caring, happy and helpful in whatever way our patients need. Often going 'the extra mile' to be sure you have been taken care of. You can often find Mary holding a little one while mom or dad get adjusted or making the same call for the 5th time to an outside office to ensure we've received documentation needed for a patient case.

When it comes to prenatal and postpartum conditions & pediatric cases, Dr. Amber Thompson is one of the best! Her additional certification in these areas, CACCP, comes from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice. She is one of only four practitioners with this certification in the greater Boulder area. (To see a practitioner list or to find one in your area, you may visit ICPA4kids.org.)

Our doctors spend 10-20 minutes with each patient at their visit to discuss their level of discomfort that day, new complaints or any exacerbation that may have occurred since their last visit. We use heat or ice on almost every patient as needed, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, kinesio-taping and automatic flexion-distraction as needed in addition to an adjustment to help give our patients the best possible outcome post-treatment.

We genuinely care about each and every one of our patients, their health, well-being & happiness! We hope you'll come see for yourself!

Do you see men or elderly patients too? Or just children and pregnant patients?

We get this question a lot! While we have extra training in pregnancy and pediatric conditions, we see patients of all sizes, ages and sex. We see some Medicare, many male patients, and female patients long after giving birth. We also see children of all ages. No patient is too big or too small, too old or too young!